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Tourist Spots

Ishikawa Prefecture contains various sightseeing spots, such as the landscape that may be more enjoyed by driving or the scenic sites that can only be reached by car. Let’s find a destination that you wish to see or visit and organize your own journey.

In the northeast of Komatsu Airport, around the projecting peninsula into the Sea of Japan, is the area called “Noto”. It is endowed with sea, mountains, and nature. It has a variety of resources for tourism such as food, sights to be seen, hot springs, historical temples and shrines.

Chirihama Beach Driveway

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

You can drive a car on this sandy beach, which makes it quite rare in the world. The hard, tightly packed sand means there is an approx. 8-kilometer drive to enjoy along the shore.

Address: Chirihama-machi, Hakui City
Contact: 0767-22-1118 (Commerce and Tourism Division, Hakui City)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20003.html
Mapcode: 135 000 459*52 Google map

Notojima Island

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

Located on the east coast of the Noto Peninsula, the small Notojima Island is 72 kilometers around with a population of just over 3,000. It is accessed simply by crossing the Notojima Bridge from Wakura Onsen. Let’s enjoy a drive around the island’s peaceful landscapes while stopping by museums and roadside stations.

Address: Nanao City
Contact: 0767-84-1113 (Notojima Tourism Association)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/6106
Mapcode: 590 461 339*25 Google map

Senmaida Rice Fields

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

If you drive about 11 kilometers along the route 249 from the center of the city of Wajima, you will arrive at Shiroyone Senmaida rice terraces. These rice terraces, which local farmer have cultivated for over 1300 years, are interwoven with the beautiful scenery of Noto and the Sea of Japan in the background entertain the eyes of visitors.

Address: Shiroyone-machi, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-23-1146 (Wajima City Tourism Division)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20001.html
Mapcode: 552 615 639*52 Google map

Sosogi Coast

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

A splendid cliff view stretches for about 2 kilometers along the coast and is nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty as well as a Natural Monument. In the harsh winter season, fluffy white cotton-like “Wave Flowers” cover the sea surface, blowing like snow in the seasonal wind.

Address: Machino-machi Sosogi, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-32-0408 (Sosogi Tourism Association)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20005.html
Mapcode: 552 775 001*28 Google map


  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

Rokkozaki is situated on the tip of the peninsula and has a 130-year-old white-walled lighthouse. Park your car at the “Roadside station Noroshi” and walk up the slope and steps for a wide panoramic view from the cliff, where you can also hear the breaking waves.

Address: Noroshi-machi, Suzu City
Contact: 0768-82-7776 (Suzu City Tourism and exchange Division)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20006.html
Mapcode: 913 114 044*82 Google map

Mitsukejima Island

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

The rough coastline eroded by waves completely changes after Rokkozaki, with a calm landscape of the bay and inlet unfolding.
Mitsukejima Island is Noto’s symbol, rising 28 meters up out of the sea. There is a small rock path that takes you close to the island.

Address: Horyumachi-Ukai, Suzu City
Contact: 0768-82-7776 (Suzu City Tourism and Exchange Division)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20000.html
Mapcode: 329 525 151*82 Google map

Tsukumowan Bay

  • NOTO
  • Scenic sites

This ria coast made up of small and large coves has gentle waves and clear water, with a view of the calming scenery.

Address: Noto-cho, Housu County
Contact: 0768-62-8532 (Noto-cho town government)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/5821
Mapcode: 329 222 059*03 Google map

Keta Taisha Shrine

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

This 2100-year-old shrine stands on a hill facing the Sea of Japan. It features magnificent historic shrine constructions, such as the gate and a worship hall, which are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

Open: 8:30 - 16:30
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Free Entry Fee
Address: Ku-1 Jike-machi, Hakui City
Contact: 0767-22-0602
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20010.html
Mapcode: 135 302 673*30 Google map

Myojoji Temple

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

Founded in 1294, its ten buildings, including the main hall and five-storied pagoda, are designated as National Important Cultural Properties. It also has some beautiful and well-renowned gardens.

Open: 8:00 - 17:00 (April to October), 8:00 - 16:30 (November to March)
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Adult: 500 JPY. Elementary and Junior High School Students: 300 JPY
Address: Yo-1, Takidani-machi, Hakui City
Contact: 0767-27-1226
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20011.html
Mapcode: 135 423 164*06 Google map

Notojima Glass Art Museum

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

Located on a small hill overlooking the sea, this art museum exhibits glass sculptures based on works by Picasso and Chagall, among others.

Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (April to November), 9:00 - 16:30 (December to March )
Closed: 3rd Tuesdays (3rd Wednesday when Tuesday is a public holiday); 12/29 - 1/1; Exhibition Preparation Period
Admission fee: High school students or Above: 800 JPY
Address: 125-10, Koda-machi, Notojima, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-84-1175
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20016.html
Mapcode: 590 494 148*03 Google map

Notojima Aquarium

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

There is so much to see at this aquarium, including a dolphin and sea lion show, sea otter feeding, and a penguin walk. It can get particularly crowded during the summer, with many family visitors.

Open: 9:00 -17:00 (March 20 - November), 9:00 - 16:30 (December - March 19)
Closed: 12/29 - 12/31
Admission fee: Adult: 1,850 JPY, Junior High Students and below; over 3 years of age: 510 JPY
Address: 15-40 Magarimachi, Notojima, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-84-1271
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20018.html
Mapcode: 590 523 457*33 Google map

Wajima Kobo Nagaya

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

Wajima lacquerware, one of the oldest lacquerwares in Japan, is popular in the country as a luxury item. At “Wajima Kobo Nagaya,” you can see the manufacturing process of Wajima lacquerware and experience its pattern painting.

Open: 9:00 - 18:00 (May to August), 9:00 - 17:00 (September to April)
Closed: Wednesdays (Open on 10th, 25th of every month as well as on the Wednesdays when local markets are in operation.)
Admission fee: Free
Address: 4-66-1, Kawai-machi, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-23-0011
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20020.html
Mapcode: 283 829 001*33 Google map

Kiriko Lantern Museum

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

From July to September, a vibrant “Kiriko Festival” is held in various places across the Noto Peninsula. Kiriko is a huge lantern that is regarded as Yorishiro, a representative object of a divine spirit. A number of Kiriko, which plays a main part in the festival, are on display at the Wajima Kiriko Art Museum.

Open: 8:00 - 17:00
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Adult: 620 JPY, High School Students: 470 JPY, Elementary and Junior High School Students: 360 JPY
Address: Marine-town 6-1, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-22-7100
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20015.html
Mapcode: 283 829 248*00 Google map

Go Nagai Wonderland Museum

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

This is a museum that displays the works and the original pictures, which you would normally not be able to see, of manga artist, Go Nagai, who is famous for manga such as Devilman, Mazinger Z, and Cutie Honey. The museum has been newly established in Wajima City, in which the artist spent his early childhood.

Open: 8:30 - 17:00 (Last Admittance 16:30)
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Adult: 510 JPY
Address: 1-123 Kawai-machi, Wajima City (on Asaichi-dori)
Contact: 0768-23-0715
WEB: http://go-wonderland.jp/en/
Mapcode: 283 828 226*03 Google map

Oku-noto Triennale

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

The “OKU-NOTO TRIENNALE” was held in Suzu, a town on the northernmost tip of the Noto Peninsula in 2017. It showcased works by 39 pairs of artists in various places across the city. Some of the works remained on permanent display after the end of the art festival.

Address: Suzu City
Contact: 0768-82-7720 (Oku-noto Triennare office)
WEB: http://oku-noto.jp/en/

Suzu Ware Museum

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

Suzu ware is pottery produced in and around Suzu between the late 12th century and the end of the 15th century. The museum exhibits Suzu ware from different eras.

Open: 9:00 - 17:00
Closed: 12/29 - 1/3
Admission fee: Adult: 310 JPY, Elementary and Junior High School Students: 150 JPY
Address: 1-2-563, Takojima-machi, Suzu City
Contact: 0768-82-6200
WEB: http://www.city.suzu.ishikawa.jp/suzuyaki/index.html
Mapcode: 329 684 465*82 Google map

Sojiji Temple

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

It was founded in 1321 as the main temple of the Soto sect. After the precincts were destroyed in the 1898 Great Fire, the mountain gate and Butsuden hall, etc. were rebuilt, retaining the qualities of the past along with the buildings that survived.

Open: 8:00 - 17:00
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Adult: 400 JPY, High School, Students: 300 JPY, Junior High School Students: 200 JPY, Elementary School Students: 150 JPY
Address: KO-1-18 Monzen machi-Monzen, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-42-0005
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20012.html
Mapcode: 283 422 024*74 Google map

Tsujiguchi Hironobu Confectionery Art Museum (LE MUSEE DE H)

  • NOTO
  • Sightseeing Facilities

This art museum showcases sucre d’art (sugar art) by Tsujiguchi Hironobu, a world-class pâtissier from Noto. You can taste his original sweets at the museum café.

Open: 8:00 -17:00 (Last Admittance 16:30)
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Free Entry Fee
Address: WA-65-1 Wakura-machi, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-62-4000
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20017.html
Mapcode: 590 305 460*77 Google map

Okunoto Salt Farm Village

  • NOTO
  • Experiential facilities

Salt-making using a traditional “Agehama”-style technique continues to be performed in this coastal area. You can experience salt-making at “Suzu Endenmura” and also buy natural salt made using the Agehama-style technique.

Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (Last Admittance 16:30)
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: Adult 100 JPY; Elementary and Junior High School Students 50 JPY
Address: 1-58-1 Shimizu-machi, Suzu City
Contact: 0768-87-2040
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20021.html
Mapcode: 552 869 001*52 Google map

Wakura Onsen

  • NOTO
  • Onsen

This lively hot spring resort in Nanao, the central city of Noto Peninsula, features a number of large ryokans along the coast overlooking the shimmering blue of Nanao Bay.

Wakura Onsen Soyu
Open: 7:00 - 22:00
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: 12 or Above: 420 JPY, 6 to 11: 130 JPY, 3 to 5: 50 JPY, Babies and infants below 3: Free
Address: Wa-5-1, Wakura-machi, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-62-2221
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/6802#
Mapcode: 590 305 250*77 Google map

Wajima Onsen

  • NOTO
  • Onsen

Wajima hot spring water has a taste of the tides due to its proximity to the sea. In addition to their high-quality water, the charm of the ryokans in this area includes their location, with views to the Sea of Japan and the harbor, as well as the fresh seafood.

Wajima Hot Spring Footbath Yurari
Open: 6:00 - 22:00
Closed: 16:00 - 18:00 Every Thursday
Admission fee: Free
Address: 4-169, Kawai-machi, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-23-1146 (Wajima Onsen Tourism Association)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/10946
Mapcode: 283 799 840*71 Google map

Suzu Onsen

  • NOTO
  • Onsen

This hot spring resort is located on the tip of the Noto Peninsula. Bathing while looking at the blue sky and sea is exceptional.

Suzu Onsen Notoji-sou
Open: 12:00 - 20:30
Closed: Open All Year Round
Admission fee: 600 JPY
Address: 1-30-1, Ukai, Houdatsu-machi, Suzu City
Contact: 0768-84-1621 (Notoji-sou)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/5634
Mapcode: 329 524 409*33 Google map

Nanao Ippon-sugi Street

  • NOTO
  • Shopping

Enjoy shopping as you walk along this street with a history dating back over 600 years. It features a mixture of traditional shops such as a candle shop and a soy sauce shop, in addition to newly opened fashionable shops housed in old buildings.

Address: Ippon-sugi-dori machi, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-53-7700
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/18423
Mapcode: 135 775 296*77 Google map

Noto Shokusai Ichiba (Nanao Fisherman's Wharf)

  • NOTO
  • Shopping

The tourist facilities, comprising a number of restaurants and Noto’s specialty shops, also serve as a “Michi-no-Eki.”

Open: 8:30 - 18:00 (1F), 11:00 - 22:00 (2F, varies depends on restaurants)
Closed: Tuesday, 1/1
Admission fee: Free Entry Fee
Address: Ingai-13-1, Kami-fuchu-machi, Nanao City
Contact: 0767-52-7071
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/spot/1954
Mapcode: 135 776 469*88 Google map

Wajima Morning Market

  • NOTO
  • Shopping

The morning market is said to have a history dating back over 1000 years and is open almost every day. The high street where the market is held contains shops selling seafood, vegetables, lacquerware, Japanese confectionery, etc. and gets crowded with many shoppers.

Open: 8:00 - Noon
Closed: 2nd Wednesdays and the 4th Wednesdays every month. 1/1 - 1/3
Admission fee: Free Entry Fee
Address: Asaichi-dori Ave. Kawai-machi, Wajima City
Contact: 0768-22-7653 (Wajima Asaichi Association)
WEB: https://www.hot-ishikawa.jp/english/kanko/20022.html
Mapcode: 283 828 226*25 Google map