Take a trip in a rental car to experience the diversity of Japan

Ishikawa Prefecture, located right in the middle of Honshu, Japan, has well-diversified tourism assets, with its own historical culture and abundant nature. Although there are famous sightseeing spots gathered in the center of Kanazawa, the central city of Ishikawa, a rental car allows you to take a trip and find the untouched, original Japan, including...


Here are seven model routes that start from either Komatsu Airport or Kanazawa. If you are short on time, just visit the main sites but if time allows, why not enjoy a slow drive and stop at the nearby sites?


Ishikawa Prefecture contains various sightseeing spots, such as the landscape that may be more enjoyed by driving or the scenic sites that can only be reached by car. Let’s find a destination that you wish to see or visit and organize your own journey.